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Education Funding v2 (beta)

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    14-16 Funding

    Funding for learners aged 14-15 when they begin their studies, enrolled at further education training providers.

    16-19 Programme Funding

    Funding for those aged 16-18 when they begin their studies, or 19-24 with an EHCP.

    Adult Education Budget

    Qualification-based funding for those aged 19 or older.

    Apprenticeship Funding

    Work-based learning with off-the-job training and development.

    Higher Education

    Funding for study at level 4 and above.

    Higher Technical Qualifications

    Level 4 and 5 qualifications aligned to occupational standards.

    Skills Bootcamps

    Short courses designed to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track learners to an interview with a local employer.

    T Levels

    Vocational study programmes with a strong focus on work preparation.

    Traineeship Funding

    Study programmes with high levels of work experience and preparation, designed to get learners into employment, an apprenticeship, or further study.